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A few changes (and new things) coming up…

Hi everyone! I’ve got a few announcements to make here, and I’m sure you’ve noticed the most obvious one – a new blog theme!

The Joys of *insert any activity here* (Writing/Editing, Urban Farming, Blogging . . . )

Hi everyone! I thought I would pop by and let you all know that I am still alive! First up, I have been editing almost NON-STOP on Catalyst. (OMG I almost despise my… Continue reading

First weekend on the urban farm – HAH!

Warning: this post has a few videos. We got our chickens on Thursday! There have been some adventures, which I may expound upon later (but if you’re a friend of mine on facebook,… Continue reading

Life, Urban Farming, and Writing . . .

Well, this is my first Sunday post in . . . a while.  What’s been going on in my life? A little bit of everything. Mark Lowry, a Christian comedian, has a wonderful… Continue reading