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#WriteMotivation & NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 25

NaNo 2012 Day 25 Word Goal: 41,675/50,000 Actual word count: 52,404 What happened today: It was Sunday.  I added a scene to the prologue, lol.  And then I discovered that a cyst one of the cats… Continue reading

NaNoWriMo & #WriteMotivation

If you’ve followed my blog regularly this year, you’ve heard me talk about #writemotivation before.  #Writemotivation is the creation of the beautiful and brilliant KT Hanna, and the writing world owes much to… Continue reading

Updates once more . . . #writemotivation, #writemehealthy

Well, it seems the only things I’m able to handle right now are my weekly updates >_<.  My apologies to everyone who normally reads my Sunday Devotionals, but yesterday was just so .… Continue reading

Updates on Life and #writemotivation

Hi everyone! I’m running a little behind on everything lately, still settling in at the house, and still trying to find my camera cord to upload pictures, and figuring out what the routine… Continue reading

Kicking off July with a bang – #writemotivation & #writemehealthy

Hi everyone, long time no see (or read?)! I’ve got two big things going on this month – the July round of #WriteMotivation, and my own kick-off of #WriteMeHealthy. First up, my #writemotivation… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation, Camp NaNoWriMo, and Moving

This month has been crazy.  Since I just posted my #writemotivation list on Monday, and I haven’t made any progress since then, I’m not going to go into that again right now. I… Continue reading

#writemotivation update & revisions

May is not turning out how I expected at all.  Some is good, some is bad, all of it is exhausting. So, once again, I am revising my May #WriteMotivation goals. At the… Continue reading

Story Weavers 2012 – Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc Conference

Last weekend, I went to a writing conference. It was fabulous. I met many amazing people. Like KT Hanna (#writemotivation goddess extraordinaire), Heather Cashman, Seti, Natasha Hanova, Sabrina Fish . . . all… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation – Busy Start to May

Well, you all know that this past weekend was the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc annual conference, and I was able to go and meet some amazing, wonderful people (several of you from #writemotivation,… Continue reading

It’s time for #writemotivation again!

April is OVER! Where did it go? It went to the A-Z Challenge, which I managed to complete.  Sadly, I did not manage to keep visiting new blogs each day of the challenge.… Continue reading

March #WriteMotivation Wrap-up, April Goals, and the A-Z Challenge!

First off, a final look at #WriteMotivation for this month: March 2012 Goals: 1.  Catch up on ALL critiques for others. Only partially complete.  I finished critiquing two stories from my All Hallows… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation – It’s the last Monday already? Really? *cries*

I’m going to be brief today, ya’ll.  For once, nothing much to say. March 2012 Goals: 1.  Catch up on ALL critiques for others. Didn’t work on this at all.  Hopefully, I’ll get… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation (where did March go? I don’t understand . . .)

Well, this week was better than last week, in the personal life sense, but it was still sooooo busy.  Spring is here in Oklahoma, and so there’s been garden stuff happening (we’ve planted… Continue reading

March #WriteMotivation – Week 2 update

I won’t lie, guys – it was a really rough weekend.  Just thinking about the things that happened almost has me choking up again as I write this (it’s early Monday morning), and… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation Goal-Check Month, yay!

Okay, first up, I remembered that I need to announce the winner from my drawing for “Welcome to the Shit Show”! And that person is . . . Angela Brown! Angela, I’m emailing… Continue reading

Motivation Monday – #writemotivation, and it’s almost MARCH?

Hey everyone!  It’s been a couple of weeks since my last goal check-in, since I had the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy blog tour. The next round of #WriteMotivation is getting ready to… Continue reading

Motivation Monday – #WriteMotivation update

It’s Monday again! (HOW?!)  I’ll announce the winner of Saturday’s The Forever Girl giveaway at the end of this post :). I’m starting a part-time job today. When this goes live, I’ll be on… Continue reading

Motivation Monday – #WriteMotivation & #WriteCampaign & an award!

Happy Monday everyone!  Please don’t throw moldy tomatoes at me . . . I actually look forward to Monday’s, because it means hubby goes pack to work and I get the house to… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation – January Wrap-up, Time for February!

January’s over. I can’t believe it – it literally flew by.  I think I still hear wings flapping in my ears. This month was a learning experience with #WriteMotivation.  I learned that I’m… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation Continues – how is it almost the end of January?!

Ugh.  This week has been crazy, and the housework is behind again, but at least I’m making progress on the writing! 1. Finish editing Weeping Willow short story for entry in a contest… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation Continues!

I feel like I’m finally getting a routine down around the house that’s going to stick.  If I can keep up with the housework, I can write without feeling guilty.  I’m even finding… Continue reading