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July Camp NaNo: Eaten Alive

The July edition of Camp NaNoWriMo was complete and utter chaos for me. I barely broke 16,000 words.  Of course, that is 16,000 more words than I had before, and I do have… Continue reading

Anatomy of a Short Story

This post is now available here: http://rebekahloper.wordpress.com/2013/08/01/anatomy-of-a-short-story/

Book Review: Restless Spirits by Jean Marie Bauhaus

One of my Wrimo’s has published a book!  (For new readers, I am a Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month.  I have fondly dubbed my November-insanity buddies my ‘Wrimo’s’.)  Back on topic,… Continue reading

Creation – Sunday Devotional

I am not going to preach or discuss much religious doctrine on this blog. It will be completely impossible for me to ignore that aspect of my life here because, being first a… Continue reading

Love, Dreams, and Reality

It has been an interesting, but good, week. My husband got the job we’ve been praying for the last two years. We weren’t praying for a specific job, but rather for an entry-level… Continue reading

What Songs Haunt You?

Have you ever watched a movie and there’s been a sound on the soundtrack that just sticks with you?  Or been listening to say, Pandora, and found a song that goes along perfectly… Continue reading

Imploding Brains

As I *cough* may have mentioned in another post, Mrs. C and I talk a lot.  I am posting this today because it made us laugh, and because writing and reading are very,… Continue reading

Camp NaNo Adventures: Got Lost Hiking

I have been writing.  It’s just not enough.  For some reason, I have been positively exhausted the last week and a half.  Anytime I try to write, I end up dozing off.  There… Continue reading

Just a little update . . .

I really meant to post last week.  Oh well, life happens, you know?  This will just be a quick update, it’s already past my bedtime! I haven’t posted at all this week so… Continue reading

Help me with my next ABCs of Fiction Writing article!

My ‘F’ article is up – Flashbacks – Remember when . . . My next article up is ‘G’, and I’ve chosen the topic of genre. These are the basics I have rolling… Continue reading

The Writing Mindset

FYI, new ABCs of Fiction Writing article is up: Emotion – Feel the Love! I have dreamed of being a writer since 2003, when I realized that I could tell stories that way. … Continue reading

Breaking Down Categories

One thing I have noticed on my other blogs (and blogs that I have had over the years) is that I either tend to not categorize my posts at all, or that I… Continue reading

ABCs of Fiction Writing

Hello everyone!  I didn’t mean for this much time to pass before my next post, but life happens.  I had a birthday yesterday, and the muffler fell off the car today, so like… Continue reading

Welcome! Come and sit down for bit . . .

Hi everyone!  I know my first visitors to this blog will mostly be people I know in person, but I’ll go ahead and give a little introduction. My name is Rebekah. I am… Continue reading